Monday, April 25, 2011

Random, Senseless Pic

One of my all-time favorite pictures of World War II.  There is absolutely no reason for posting.  I like the mud on the grenadier's helmet.  I have to wonder if the pic was staged or if this team had seen some heavy combat that particular day. 


  1. Hi mate, I am sure it is a 1938 pic from Signal Magazine of German troops on exercise.

    Staged I am sure.

    Regards Paul

  2. Thanks Paul - funny thing is we do that sort of thing in the US Army as well.

    Enjoying your blog by the way - it's inspired me to dig out all those plastics of mine. You will hopefully see them posted on here in the coming months as I get to finishing out projects.

  3. Hi Steven, oh I am glad you like it and even happier that you are getting into some plastics again. Nice one.

    Yep I think its when they were making the Czechs nervous phase before the walking over phase.

    Looking forward to the return of the plastics!

    Regards Paul.