Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Latest from the Procurement Office

Sneak Peak of What's Coming down the pipeline:
  • Armourfast STUG III and T34 kits for WWII BKC / Spearhead at 20mm
  • German Fallschirmjaegers
  • Prussian Grenadiers (aka AWI Hessians)
  • HaT Napoleonic Peninsular War Brits (a la Portugal and Spain)
  • HaT Napoleonic French Line Inf
  • French Line Artillery
I really cannot wait to get these projects started but I will not start anything en-masse until I get the AWI project really under wraps.  Right now I am working the 2nd New Hampshire troops but will not have any pics until tomorrow afternoon as I get a stand or 2 complete.

After I finish the 2nd New Hampshire I'll start on the converged Light Battalion.  Going to treat the Grenadier Battalion as a seperate entity and do those around the same time I complete the Hessians.  Once the Hessians are complete I can finish off the Green Mountain Boys (can I really do such an outfit justice?  I'll try)  and then finally the command stands.  The command will be the most fun to complete as I can really kit-bash the officers and add some flair to their uniforms.

After that - I can start the World War II 20mm guys for real.  I will be starting the German PanzerGrenadiers first with the camo smocks and I'll most likely complete my US Infantry guys.  Here's one question - should I base them on wooden stands, or on the round Games Workshop (greed workshop) stands to re-use for skirmish?  Hmmm decisions decisions.  Huzzah!

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