Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Slight Diversion...

Painted up 1.5 more stands of the 2nd New Hampshire today.  Since it's been somewhat of a lazy day, I thought I would finish an old-new project.  My 20mm World War II guys looked like they could use a little attention.  So here, in all their glory, are the Caesar 20mm, 1:72 Panzer Grenadiers!  2 of them to be exact.   As well as an IMEX German Artillery Officer I painted years ago.  He looks pretty sharp I have to admit.  Those PanzerGrenadiers are exactly what the Doctor ordered and will be used by me in my Spearhead or BKC Scenarios.  Same with those GIs, who look surpisingly like 4 ID Soldiers...  Check out the patch on their left arms. 

Please excuse the groundwork on the stands.  They aren't finished yet.  Still need to cover with tallus and flock.  The one 4ID infantryman has completed ground cover.  Use him for an example.

Also a nice surprise in here - I was tinkering around with my Caesar Modern Americans and ended up with voila!  Israeli infantry by cutting the Helmet away and some of the more modern kit.  I will continue to work with them and make them look more Israeli.  Huzzah! 
The dapper looking gentleman is an IMEX German Artillery officer.  The 2 other chaps are Caesar Panzergrenadiers.

Grenadier's Kit.

My US GIs.  I dont mean to brag, but they look sharp!

If you look very very closely, you'll be able to tell these guys are supposed to be IDF Soldiers...lots of work to be done but i chopped the helmets up to make them look like IDF.  Still a work in progress.

Peek a boo!  A hezbollah or PLO fighter.  Think she'll have a hard time getting through that checkpoint with the AK47 and all that ammo in her backpack!

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