Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm not saying I have gamer's ADD.  But I have gamer's ADD.  Just decided to switch over projects..  I have restarted an old but ambitious American Civil War project.  Basing individual regiments for my micro-scale Volley & Bayonet Campaigns.  \

For anyone who cares, I have a full Union and Rebel Corps in 6mm based on Warmaster Bases.  After working with the 2" x 1" woodsies bases I decided to RE-base my 2 corps and begin new ones.

The original project concept was easy, have the entire Union and Confederate OOB for Day 1 at Gettysburg modeled in 6mm on Regimental bases so I could play a Grand Tactical game as an Army or Corps Commander.  After looking at what I've originally accomplished,  basing 8 dudes on a stand hardly looks like a Civil War Regiment.  It looks more like a Company, so I might have gotten away with ACW-Warmaster but then would only be able to field a very limited number of units.

Now I've decided to entirely SCRAP the project and start over again.  I think when it's all said  and done I'll have a respectable looking force on the table.  The Adler and Baccus minis do look good together (except the Cavalry.  The Baccus Cavalry is way too small next to the Adler guys).

The 20mm AWI Project is temporarily on-hold.  (gone but not forgotten OR abandoned!)

Just thought it was the wrong time for it. 

Discrection is the better part of valor - and it's not good to make hobby decisions when your minis are scattered all over the eastern side of the state! 

I will say that the Baccus 6mm ACW troops paint up fantastic!  I will post pics hopefully today or tomorrow.  Huzzah!

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