Saturday, June 11, 2011


Dave F and I had a conversation recently about figure scale, what figures to use and just what the heck I'm supposed to do about the MOUNTAIN of lead and plastic that is stacking up.

Daves solution?  Bold but always practical - pick 2 figure scales and go with them.  Horrified, I asked him if that meant deep six the 10 and 20mm figures that I have laying around.  I mean gosh, I did just spend an entire month painting up 20mm AWI figs and 20mm WWII figs!

Dave promptly reassured me that I would not have to throw everything out but we tried to figure out just what my scales of choice are.

Well with my huge collection of micro-armor, ACW, Seven Years War, Ancients, and Napoleonics, 6mm was an obvious choice to keep.  On the 15mm side, with my equally huge collection of WWII, ACW, AWI it would also seem that 15mm was an obvious choice to keep.

that being said, I was recently looking into 15mm alternatives.  For example, a long time ago I embarked upon a Warhammer/Warmaster on-the-cheap project and ended up purchasing a boatload of Caesar 20mm plastics for that project (which was progressing along very well BTW).  I was recently looking at 15mm fantasy figs and thought they would go very well with 15mm middle ages and renaissance figures.

Also found that Peter Pig has a new line of AWI figures.  Boy - and I was just returning to 15mm!!  They have an entire range of figures.  With that being said, how do they stack up against "taller" figures such as Old Glory and Musket Miniatures, who make up the bulk of my ranks?  Seems to me that I'll have to form an exploratory committee to see just what I'm going to do next.  It would seem that in selecting only 2 figure scales, I may be able to switch course on some minis, and get rid of some others.

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