Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project ADD

Picture of Steve trying to figure out what to paint next while looking at all his miniatures.
It's true.  I have gaming ADD.  I can't seem to settle on my goals and keep changing what I am working on or what I want to work on.  I was vacillating on finishing the 6mm ACW project, considering changing to 3" x 3" Volley & Bayonet instead of my micro 2" x 1" Regimental Bases.  THEN considering switching to the 20mm moderns project early... 

Discipline will rule the day.  I think I need to finish a project before starting another one in earnest.  One thing I was also considering (just considering mind you) was switching the 6mm ACW project to re-energizing my old 15mm ACW project in anticipation of Dave F's epic visit.  we are going to play GHQ's MicroForce ACW rules.  Since my 15mm ACW Troops are already based for Fire and Fury, they will also work for MicroForce which uses a similar basing convention.

The 6mm ACW Project is coming along though, however this is a SCHEDULED GAME on the horizon, as opposed to a notional one!!!  In my mind that justifies a switch.  Does anyone have any thoughts?  I will have to post pictures later on of the current state of my 15mm troops.

Also thinking that since I'm working on the 15mm World War II guys that it would make sense to work on 15mm ACW, as opposed to working on 2 seperate scales at the same time?  (I will most likely break that rule lol - you'll see me break out my 20mm modern troops and paint up test figures to see how certain paint schemes work.  Would LOVE to start my 20mm Nappies now as well, but that will not happen for sure until other projects are done.

I'm thinking, in honor of the impending anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, I will begin the 15mm ACW project and unveil them as I complete more.  I plan on hosting GHQ's "Assault on the Iron Brigade" scenario for Dave F when he shows up.  For that I will need about 50 stands per side which I easily have.  That being said, I need to REPAINT my Regiments/Brigades and paint more Command stands and Artillery for this epic battle.  And the best part is, this would be for a REAL Scenario for a real Army.  Not a notional one.

There you have it, folks.  I will be painting a 15mm Crossfire Army up, while simultaneously painting up a 15mm ACW Force...

50 Union Stands
50 Confederate Stands
6 Union Command Stands
6 Confederate Command Stands
Pitzer's Run (creek)

Bear with me - I'm sure there will be even more changes on the way.  Until they come up with a cure for Toy Soldier Fever.  Huzzah!

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