Thursday, June 23, 2011

WWII German Crossfire Platoon Progress

Here is what I have so far completed of my WWII German Crossfire Platoon.  2 x Squads and the Platoon Leader are complete.  They didn't turn out that bad!  The figures are Battlefront (Flames of War 15mm) and Old Glory.  The OG figure fits in nicely with the FOW guys I think.
Thanks to Dave F for some advice and instruction!  He is the pre-eminent Wehrmacht expert in my opinion.

 The Old Glory fig is a little short but that's not such a bad thing considering people come in all shapes and sizes.  Even 15mm people.  Huzzah!

2nd German Rifle Squad with Platoon Leader

The entire platoon so-far

It is early July and Hans is smiling.  He won't be smiling in December...

The flash brings out the detail...and mistakes.

Left side.  I think the color choices turned out Ok.

The Platoon Leader urges the squad to advance.

Speaking of the PL here he is now. 

Rear of the Platoon showing the kit.  I enjoy painting the kit, although with these Germans it takes a long time.

Another shot of the platoon advancing

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