Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally Back!

Back from a  short work trip (actually classes) very very close to Gettysburg.  As you can imagine I was on the battlefield 3 out of 5 evenings.

That trip has invigorated me to paint more and more Fire and Fury Brigades.  Archer's Brigade has just finished with the last stand, basing, and dull-coat.  I am working on Heth's Division Artillery now to give Archer and Davis some firepower for my Day 1 Gettysburg battle.  The Artillerymen are looking great and I am about to start a coat on the cannon.

I will confess that the olive green-grey that the Cannon carriages are painted is NOT easy to replicate...

Davis' Brigade is on the chopping block next.  He had a fairly large brigade and in Fire and Fury terms is 11 stands.  That's big at 150 to 200 men per stand!  I have base-coated 33 Old Glory and Musket Miniatures troops and have 1 popsicle stick almost complete.  I will post pictures tomorrow. 

Davis' Brigade is rated 11/8/6 in Fire and Fury.

If anyone would like to weigh in - I am struggling with a decision (big surprise if you've ever gamed with me!)

The Fire and Fury rules call for Artillery pieces to be based on 1" square based however I based them on 1"wide x 2" deep to accommodate the section's crewmen.  It's really just a question of aesthetics not play-ability and I think I'm going to continue on with the  long bases.  I was just curious what everyone thought.  Huzzah!

By the way - Dave F's blog Charge Bayonet has some excellent pictures of his Pendraken 10mm AWI American Milita so go there and check them out!!

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