Friday, July 8, 2011

Fire & Fury Battlefield Markers

As promised.  Here is another casualty marker and a "Brigade Low on Ammunition" Marker for Fire and Fury.  I am starting to enjoy painting Musket Miniatures more and more.  

Also a project update - I am completing the last 2 squads of my Soviet Crossfire 2nd Platoon of the 1st Company.  Also finishing up a German Heavy Weapon Squad (HMG) now.  Will post pics most likely tomorrow to keep you World War II enthusiasts hanging on!  Huzzah!

Casualty Marker from Fire & Fury

"Brigade Low on Ammo" Marker for Fire and Fury

He died with his musket in-hand


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  1. Steve, this is an outstanding figure! Almost artistic. You could enter painting competition with something like this.