Monday, August 8, 2011

Battle at Outcrop Springs

Played a very small Volley and Bayonet ACW Game this afternoon.  Pitted 1 Confederate Division against 1 Union Division.  Both sides were exactly similar with no advantages.  Both fielded 3 Infantry Brigades and 1 Artillery Battery along with a Division Command Stand.  All Brigades were rated 4-5 (strength 4 and morale 5).  Total exhaustion points were 12.  Division Break-Point was set at 7.

Laid some very VERY primitive terrain down.  Some lichen, a tree, and a large rock outcropping along with an unfinished timber snake-rail fence.  There was also a treeline which would figure prominently into the Confederate battle strategy.

I diced for the scenario on a 1D6  1-2 Meeting Engagement, 3-4 Hasty Attack, 5-6 Deliberate Attack.  Rolled a "2" and both sides started from the narrow sides of the table at length.  The terrain was in the middle of the table.
Confederate Start Positions prior to jumping off

The rebels approach the scrub brush

Yankees jump off towards the objective - the defensible ground in the middle of the battlefield

The rebels closed on the objective first and deploy for battle.  Not enough time to go stationary.  They'll all have to fight it out!  This is what  meeting engagements are all about!

Here they come!

The Killer Angels

The Yanks attack first.  Driving off 2 Confederate Brigades, but their Right attacking Brigade is unsuccessful and is driven away.

The Rebels counterattack but were beaten back.  You can see the Rebel Division Commander's Colors in the upper left and the "Battery Stonewall Jackson" Commanded by R. Emory Hayes IV of Georgia...

Final position of the Reb units.  They are disordered and both brigades have suffered 50% casualties.  THe yanks have suffered about 30% at this point.  An aggressive strategy pays off.  Although given 1 more turn, the Rebs could have gone stationary and gotten another 2 firing dice! In the foreground you can see the famous "outcrop"

This Brigade was heavily involved on the Union Right flank but was driven off at the fence.   Here they are behind Battery Jackson.  
The rebels were beaten back but certainly not defeated.  They were dangerously close to "division exhaustion" but probably could have made 1 more good push as the odds were equal on both sides.  This was a very small battle.  Next time I will make sure I have another division and a corps commander as reinforcements.  I will have a 1D6 roll for reinforcements.  On turn 2 they arrive on a roll of "1" on turn 3 they arrive on a roll of "2" and so on.

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