Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Группу Советских командной компании!

Finished my Soviet Company Command Group for Crossfire!  Pictured here is the Company Commander, Political Officer, and the 2nd Platoon Leader.

Thought was not lost on me that I can use these stands and command units for Blitzkrieg Commander, Spearhead, or even GHQ's MicroArmour Rules.  I have enough 15mm Armored vehicles to ruin any German's day...(that being said, I do have way more German AFV's than Soviet....  Oh well.  Huzzah!

Command Group for my Soviet Crossfire Company.  Commander is on the left, Comrade Kommisar is on the Right

A rare shot of the command group before a battle.  The 2nd Platoon's Leader is on the right.  His pistol is drawn as he is undoubtedly trying to make a good impression in front of the CO and Zampolit.

A Soviet Company Commander never smiles...

And the Kommissar certainly never smiles....

the PL is directing his squad leaders to conduct a thorough weeding of the Regimental Vegetable Garden.  Pistol Drawn!

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