Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The 'Nam

Starting a new project.  I have always wanted to play some good 1:1 Vietnam skirmish games, or even some higher level games in Vietnam provided I have the plastic.  Here are my first-run troops.  2 American troops, Wolfhounds, from the 25th Infantry Division out in the boonies looking for "Charlie."

The other 2 gentlemen are irregular Vietcong and are waiting for the GI patrol that usually occurs around 2pm every day through this stretch of jungle...

This is the newest project unveiling!  Huzzah!
I'm not sure I like Citadel's "Camo Green" for the kit.  Oh well - it looked good on my WWII GIs.

Sweep Operation

Victor Charlie


  1. The two US servicemen are probably the best in the set and look a treat.

    No bad poses in the Viet Cong/ NVA set however, they are all gems.

    Great work

  2. Great work Steven - really nice results, I'm looking forward to seeing some AARs.


  3. Paul- I took my inspiration from your Cold War gaming and moved a few heads around from other figures in the set. I am going to use IMEX ROK Troops as ARVN with the US Special Forces as their cadre.
    Monty - soon! When I have a few squads painted up I'll start gaming and post an AAR with pictures. Thanks for the comments guys!