Friday, September 30, 2011


Looking forward to doing some gaming!  Here are some things Id like to pursue very soon:

20mm Vietnam Wargaming using a few different rules-sets.  I'd like to try out "Force on Force" from Ambush Alley as well as Vietnam Crossfire utilizing a few people's Crossfire Variants.  Crossfire will be the easiest to game as I already have most of the terrain I would need for a small Mekong Delta game.  Can't wait!

Shako.  I cannot wait to game some Shako 15mm Napoleonics to try the rules out.  Shako is a great looking and easy game and should make for some very satisfying battles.

GHQ's WWII MicroArmour: The Game.  I cannot wait to play a good MicroArmour game.  While not my favorite rules in the world, GHQ's rules have that microarmour "feel" to them.

Blitzkrieg Commander: A classic miniatures rules set for WWII.  Plus I need to play BKC to get smart on the system prior to playing Future War Commander with my EPIC: Armageddon miniatures!

Volley & Bayonet 6mm Seven Years War.  I have not yet played a Seven Years War game.  While I'm working on the 15mm Prussians and Austrians I was thinking about re-basing my 6mm Prussians and Austrians for Volley and Bayonet!

ACW Fire & Fury:  I still have not forgotten about the Gettysburg Project or all of the terrific legions that I've painted so far.  It would be a terrible shame to not put these guys on the table and let them fight it out!

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