Monday, October 17, 2011

The American History Project

I am completely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of STUFF on my workbench!

At one point, there were 15mm Seven Years War, 6mm Napoleonics, 15mm Napoleonics, 20mm Vietnam etc.  I have lost count of how many project management blogs I've posted with varying goals so here is a unique concept:  I am unveiling "The American History Project" (AHP) in order to cut through all of the "stuff" that has piled up.

The AHP is an attempt to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  Some of my most enduring (and endearing) projects are forces and conflicts within the realm of American History (for obvious reasons).  The ACW, the AWI, and our modern 20th and 21st Century conflicts are near and dear to my heart, especially considering I fought in one of them! 

Additionally, I was talking with Dave F and our conversation reminded me of a salient point; namely that the ACW and AWI have been my passion for years and years.  With the exception of microarmour, the ACW has been my most wargamed period ever.  It is with that in mind that I launched the AHP.  Here are some simple goals:

  • Complete the Union I Corps from Day 1 at Gettysburg at Regimental Level, 6mm.

  • Complete the Battle of Hubbardton Roster (OOB) at Regimental Level, 6mm (this will be the third time I am starting this project)

  • Complete the Korean War Troops I've started (NK and US)

  • Complete the Vietnam Forces I've started (ARVN, US SF, Armour, VC, and NVA Troops)

  • Pick up [from my Grandfather's house] the US Operation Iraqi Freedom 20mm Troops I've completed, finish off the M113A3 and Stryker IFV for my FORCE ON FORCE / MODERN CROSSFIRE games I've got planned.

  • Game all of these engagements (Day 1 at Gettysburg, Battle of Hubbardton, Battle for Hill 421 [Korean War 1950 pick up game], Operation Attleboro and Cedar Falls, ARVN Operations in the "Parrot's Beak," and US Operation IVY TYPHOON in Baghdad, and points North (Al Taji) AKA places I've been before.)

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