Saturday, November 19, 2011

Project List: Short Term and Long Term

Here is a current list of projects I'm working on - still within the confines of the "American History Project" :

15mm AWI Hubbardton Project (yes, it's back.  Compelted the 11th Mass, 2nd NH, Grenadier Battalion, and am finishing up the 24th Foot (again).  Just hand-selected the troops that will fill the ranks of Seth Warner's "Green Mountain Boys" once I complete the 24th Infantry.  The Light Infantry are next.  After the success (of failure) of the Hubbardton project, it's time to start thinking BIGGER.  As in battle of Whitemarsh (edge hill) bigger!  Or Freeman's Farm.  One way or the other, I will start more AWI regiments for larger battles in 15mm.

15mm Crossfire Project.  After the Overwhelming success of my 15mm Soviet Rifle Company based for Crossfire, I decided to start an American Rifle Company this time from the 4th Infantry Division in the Normandy Campaign and afterwards.  Also going to finish a German Westfront unit and an SS platoon.  It's been fun so far.

Long Term:
No Limits: I also found an awesome FREE rules set that acts as a nice alternative to Warhammer 40k so it turns out that I will not get rid of my 40k figures afterall but will finish them and play NO LIMITS.  You can field any force imaginable and it's very easy to learn.  In fact as soon as I get some troops painted up, I'm going to play a game!! 

MicroArmour: Going to rebase my microarmour for WWII Battlefront.  Should be fun and will still work well for MicroArmour games including BKC and GHQ.  I have some great ideas for microarmour scenarios and am itching to play some North Africa battles.

Epic Armageddon (Future War Commander).  Cannot wait to dust off my Epic Forces and play some Future War Commander!  Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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