Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And Now for a Slight Diversion...

Finished my first foray into 28mm troops...  One Imperial Guard Trooper and one Space Marine from the 40k realm.

They didn't turn out too badly.  For my painting, I am happy.  The IG Trooper needs a heavier wash on his khakis however.  Other than that, they are ready for details to be added now.

I plan on playing "No Limits" with these guys, a free sci fi rules system where you develop your own stats.  It plays very similarly to 40k but not quite as structured and you don't have to throw tons of money into building an army either.

I will also try my Future War Commander "skirmish" rules with them as well and have been working on the stats for them lately.  Unfortunately it won't be Spring until I am ready to throw some dice in one of these games!  Enjoy.


While his facial features turned out excellent from shadowing, I'm not happy with the transition on his clothes.   A heavier brown wash hopefully will bring out the wrinkles and folds in his clothing.

A Salamander not quite combat-ready as I have not added the decals onto his shoulder armor.  I'd like to add big red and black rocks to his base to simulate nocturne or armageddon's scorched surface.

The business-end of a lasgun!

It is remarkable how easy Space Marines are to paint with a combination of washes.  The only thing I actually painted on was the bolter.  Everything else was just applying wash after wash to his armor.

That being said, I'm not quite as happy with my Guard trooper.  There are 12 year old kids out there painting these guys up like pros.  I'm not using inks though, so maybe that has something to do with it.  I think a heavier brown wash on his khakis ought to do the trick.  huzzah!

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