Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Epic Armageddon / Future War Commander Titans

Once again in my quest for the thrifty but useful, I've decided against purchasing the outrageously expensive Games Workshop Titans for my Armageddon and Verdan Campaigns, instead choosing plastic Battlemechs for Battletech / MechWarrior.  In the 6mm range, they are still MASSIVE and ready to do the emperor's will anywhere in war-torn future of the 41st millenium.

This little (big) guy is one example

 They are big enough and bristling with heavy weaponry.  Apply some slabs of paint, the odd detail or bit and I can make these guys look like their GW Counterparts I think.  Luckily, Future War Commander has both lists for GW Titans and Battletech Battle-Mechs in case I'm feeling lazy and don't want to switch stats over. 

As long as it is a harbinger or death and destruction on an almost industrial scale, I'm golden!  Hopefully the shields hold out!  This badboy will be the salvation (or doom) of the Verdan uprising, an imperial planet that is well-known for it's cutting edge armored vehicles as well as target acquisition systems.  The Imperium can ill afford to lose it and will dedicate many, many troops to the quelling of the uprising.

Verdan is well known for producing Rhino APC and Chimera variants armed with lethal hunter-killer missiles.

I now have 4 Titans in the Titan Legion "Legio-Solaris" and i paid a whopping 5 dollars (US) for them with shipping.


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