Saturday, December 17, 2011

Future War Commander Skirmish - Space Marine/Imperial Guard Army List

Here is my Skirmish Army List for Future War Commander using Games Workshop's Space Marine and Imperial Guard figures.  I used Pete Jones' matrix for creating your own units and, while I am not sure I'm using the matrix correctly, it DID actually turn out to be quite even and the odds seem about right.

Look at the points shake-down:
Imperial Guard: 1305 pts / Space Marine 975 Points.  If I lose the Heavy Stubber and 1 infantryman on the guard side it will be just about even.  That gives them 9 troopers and an officer versus 5 Space Marines, but I still want the Stubber!!

Here is the list:

Space Marines
Troop TypeArmMoveAttacksAssaultHitsSaveCostLimit
SM Sergeant (CV9)Command20F4/60*54L42353
Reg MarineInfantry20F4/60*54L4185min 2
Imperial Guard
Troop TypeArmMoveAttacksAssaultHitsSaveCostLimit
Junior OfficerCommand20F1/25*54L51603
GuardsmanInfantry20F2/40*44L595min 2
Stub-GunnerInfantry20F4/100H24L51951 per 1k

 (I'm going to try out a small battle with these guys tomorrow and we'll see how it goes.  Odds aren't bad.  10 Imperial Guard troopers with 1 Heavy Stubber and a Junior Officer fighting against a Marine Fireteam consisting of 4 Salamanders and 1 Salamanders Sergeant.)

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