Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mod US Troops, Operations Iraqi & Enduring Freedom

A long time ago, I painted almost a platoon's worth of Modern US Troops from Caesar.  Now I can't find any of them so I started re-painting the stockpiles I have...  Here are Caesar's Modern US Troops.  I painted them circa 2006-07 for the famous Iraqi "surge" in Baghdad and points North and South.  They will also fit in very well in my Afghanistan scenarios.
A US Fireteam provides cover as their sister team crosses a Linear Danger Area!

Their dirty "ACUs" (Army Combat Uniform) or UCP (Universal Camo Pattern) as it is officially known on the labels should be instantly apparent.
Private Smith Scans his sector of fire for insurgents

I need to find a more subdued "tan" as the ACU is covered in small, digital tan.  I wanted to give you a sense of what that uniform looks like, even if it is a vague resemblance, it's good enough for this Iraqi Freedom veteran.

I used Folk Art's "Aspen Green, Italian Sage, and Pebblebrook" for the colors.  Also a light black wash to darken it ever-so-slightly and show off the beautiful toy soldiers that Caesar produces.  Now I REALLY need to finish my British Lights!  Huzzah!

In Sadr City, everyone is alert and ready for anything.

The Team Leader, Sergeant Quinones, thinks things are too quiet.  "They're up to something"

All in all, not bad looking.  The wash helps bring out the detail but I need to find a better tan.  GW's Graveyard Earth didn't do it.  Perhaps "Kommando Khaki" with the wash applied will do the trick.


  1. Thanks Paul - big shoes to fill but I thought I'd give it a shot. Cannot wait to play some modern skirmish games. I'll be painting up some modern muhj, brits, and FFL soon. Just have to finish those pesky British Light Infantry!