Thursday, December 15, 2011


Here are 2 Space Marines of the Salamanders Chapter looking to do the Emperor's good work.  I call them a Fireteam because in FUTURE WAR COMMANDER these 2 guys by themselves are worth 110 points.
"Hey man, where do you think we could get a cheesesteak around here?"
  For a reference, if you wanted an equivalent number of Imperial Guardsmen in the same game, you'd be able to field ELEVEN (11) soldiers for the cost of these 2 genetically enhanced bad-asses.  That's crazy!  Until I played a game last night....
"Cheesesteak?  How could you be hungry?  You ate before the drop!  I'm still looking for a mens-room"

2 rebel Imperial Guardsmen were guarding a landing pad for a VTOL aircraft.  The Marines were tasked with securing the pad.

No contest.  Not only did these win initiative with their Command Value of 10 (CV10), but were able to sustain hit after hit and keep going.

Their bolters also range-attack with 4 dice (guardsmen with the honest and proven LasRifle, only 2)  The FWC rule that elite troops lose a die for suppression tests is a plus as well and helps out your advance.  The Marines laughed at the lasgun fire and were able to quickly overwhelm the defenders.  The 2 guardsmen, overcome by shock from the plasma grenades (by that i mean suppressed in FWC speak) were cowering behind the objective when the marines appeared and administered the Emperor's retribution...

I may end up building a team of them for FWC as opposed to No Limit or other rules out there.  Here are my 2 Salamanders so far.  Still need to build 2 more and a Sergeant who will function as a team leader.  There are tons more guardsmen to build and I'll play around with camo schemes and uniforms just for fun.  Now it's back to AWI Lights...Onto Hubbardton!  Huzzah!
"Come on let's just go kill these idiots then we'll find a pizza place.  They usually have steak sandwiches and restrooms"

I just knew I should have brought trail mix or a granola bar along with me.


  1. Some nice work on the 40k stuff. I've had a dabble with that stuff too but went back to historical in the end:)

  2. Al,
    I bought a few boxes of 40K stuff on ebay during my last tour in Iraq thanks to those damneded addicting "Black Library" books about the imperial guard...
    I thought I would try out Future War Commander as a skirmish game and see how it played out. Time will tell but fear not, you will never see parking lots of land raiders on my gaming table. I am a historical guy all the way! (still working on my AWI lights, and then my WWII GIs after that! Tune in often and thanks for posting,