Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If You Go Down to the Woods Today...

While I've posted this before, I'm re-posting to give myself a leg-up on the OOB for this Blitzkrieg Commander Scenario (BKC) which I've aptly RE-named after my Favorite Squad Leader scenario. 

The 15mm Crossfire US and Germans I'm working on will fit in nicely for this scenario - and it isn't a tough stretch to complete the number of stands required - especially considering it's not that many stands per side!


US Infantry Company (+)
1 x CO (CV 9)
4 x Infantry
1 x MG Support Unit
1 x Mortar Support Unit

Reinforcements (reinforced by an Infantry Company (+) OOA Turn 5)
1 x HQ (CV 8)
5 x Infantry Units
1 x MG Support
1 x Sherman 75mm

German Battalion (-)
1 x CO (CV 9)
1 x HQ (CV8)
1 x FAO (CV 8)
8 x Infantry Units
2 x MG Support Units
2 x 105mm Artillery Units (off-board)

Reinforcements (German Company Kampfgruppe reinforces Turn 5 via Mobile Deployment)
1 x HQ (CV 8)
3 x Infantry Units
2 x StuG III (long)

Notes: I had to whittle down the Panzers as I don't have a US Tank Destroyer and only 1 Sherman....  So the Germans lost their Panzer IV platoon - however I up-gunned the German Artillery Tubes to 105mm.  Shouldn't make too much of a difference I don't think.  Can't wait to play this one out.   Summary from the website reads below:

Both sides’ reinforcements are due on turn 5. They arrive using the rules for mobile
deployment, so the HQ in each force is deployed on the board edge on turn 5 and may
attempt to pass a successful command roll on that turn to bring on the remaining forces.
If the roll is failed then they must wait until the next turn to try again.
American reinforcements will arrive within 15cm of the centre of the West table edge.
German reinforcements must dice for their arrival point at the start of turn 5, all
reinforcement units must arrive within 15cm of this point:
Die roll Entry point
1,2 Centre of the South edge
3,4 Centre of the East edge
5,6 Centre of the North edge
Game Length
The game lasts for 9 turns, the German player moves first
Americans: breakpoint of 3 until reinforcements arrive, 7 thereafter.
Germans breakpoint of 6 until reinforcements arrive, 9 thereafter
The Germans win a major victory by establishing uncontested control of the village at the
end of the game. The Americans win by preventing this. Control requires a side to have at
least one infantry unit (not support) in the village and the other side to have none.
Play on a 120cm x 120cm table. The terrain should consist of a few low hills and lots of
woods. The village should be set a few cm inside the American half of the table. The
woods count as partial cover and the village as full cover.
Optional Rules
1. Winter camouflage: all German units count as being in partial cover against longrange
2. Dug-in: allow American units to set up “dug-in” as described on p114 of the BKC
Design Notes
I have amended the command values for some units from those given in the army lists in
the BKC rulebook. This is deliberate and reflects the respective qualities of the forces
engaged. Players are free to change these values, however this may unbalance the
scenario. American forces total 615 points and Germans 890.

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