Saturday, January 14, 2012

Next Projects...

Happy to report the Hubbardton Battle project is complete!  With all Regiments painted, based, flocked, and ready for action!  I will play the Battle of Hubbardton using Guns of Liberty as my rules of choice for that engagement.

That being said, it's time to look forward to the next batch of projects!  After analyzing 4 potential new "Horse & Musket" Projects, I decided with Dave F's help, to finally start my Napoleonic Project.  I'm going to build a large Napoleonic Force to game either Salamanca or Talavera, with a few smaller battles in Portugal in between.

This came as a result of tough deliberation - especially with the scale size choice.  I'm going to resurrect my 10mm Napoleonics and repaint many of them.  They are a conglomeration of GHQ and Old Glory 10mm.  While the GHQ are more difficult to paint, the Old Glory guys are a joy to paint and frankly they paint up very quickly.  I am very much looking forward to putting these guys in the field.  I also have quite a few officers and artillery supporting them.  I also need to start painting up the cavalry as well...

The French Army assembled!  4 Age of Eagles Brigades arrayed for Battle.

British Brigade takes position in a field behind a low stone wall waiting for the French advance - note the field battery in support!

Additionally there are some more projects that bear mention.  I am still working the World War II Crossfire Project.  With the Soviet Rifle Company complete, I am moving on with the US Rifle Company and the Germany Company.  The German Company should be interesting as I am experimenting with different types of camoflauge.  The German Company is 15mm and that also brings me to my 20 mm Project!  While the 15mm guys are being based for Crossfire and my other favorite WWII rules (BKC, GHQ, etc), my 20mm guys are being individually based for Disposable Heroes!

I aslo have a large amount of 20mm moderns for Disposable Heroes' modern supplement "Seek Out, Close With, and Destroy" (which arrived in the mail today!)  I have a bunch of modern troops from various campaigns to include modern brits, french, chinese, russians, muhj fighters, chechen rebels, and of course us infantry.

My moderns project include modern crossfire, and soon?  the Disposable Heroes modern variant. 

And finally, to highlight the next in a series of projects I want to start (re-start actually) are my 20mm warmaster project.  After Rattenkrieg's Demise, the empire has seen fit to send additional regiments north and hunt down the orc menace before it makes it any farther south.  It is rumored they have taken long trains of artillery with them as well as the knights panther....

Should be an interesting year...

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