Sunday, February 26, 2012

Armourfast Stug III Number 2

Finished the other Stug III in the Armourfast kit.  Got some inspiration from Paul over at Plastic Warriors and thought I would finish up my Armor section for Disposable Heroes.  The first one used the Amoeba pattern and this one used a small, rust-colored line which I thought worked out nicely.  The last pic has a small comparison but Stug number 112 is really the focus of tonight's post.

I am ready to paint up some more infantry, LMG, and HMG sections for DH and once I get those suckers done I'll host a large DH battle.

Not quite as much painted up as I wanted this weekend but the Stug is a nice check-off on my list.  I also sprayed a ton of German, US, and got some 15mm scaled fences done for my Fire and Fury games coming up.  Is it next Friday night yet?  Huzzah!
The tracks have some (read some as...alot) flaws.  Note to self - paint them prior to glue on next time.

Camo pattern looks good.  Got the idea for the ditching-logs from Paul over at Plastic Warriors.  These were railroad ties that were "borrowed" from Northwestern France.

Next to Hans for scale.

Posing for a quick picture somewhere outside Putot, France.

Business End

Stug  112, and 113.

Penny.  My little Hetzer in her "hide position."

Dachshund Siegt an allen fronten!

Making short work of a rawhide!


  1. Ein' Dachsel? Sehr gut! A good cammo pattern, too. ("Ein' netter Tarnflecke.")

  2. Very good job on the camo; a fine looking model. I like Penny; I'll have to post a picture of my dachshund, Herman.

  3. John - yes we have a dackel running around our haus!

    Thanks, gentlemen. Unfortunately I can't put the model back into the container because of the railroad ties on the back but I will figure something out.

    Mike and John, I relayed your sentiments to Penny. They are really wonderful dogs. We will always have Dachshunds in our house. I love their intelligence, personality, and how they solve problems.