Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Disposable Heroes: Germans

Finally finished a batch of WWII Germans for Disposable Heroes.  They are based on Warhammer 40k 25mm round bases.  Figures are Caesar 1:72 German Panzer Grenadiers and I think they turned out OK.  I finally tried a German Camo scheme that works somewhat ok.  (it's actually a Fallschirmjaeger scheme that morphed into something else).

They aren't going to win any awards, but they are ready for action now!  Enjoy.  Huzzah!

(WWII Americans are tomorrow.  Followed by American and German 15mm's for Crossfire.  Almost done with both Companies!)
Caesar German PanzerGrenadier
More PanzerGrenadiers

Grenadiers in action!

Engaging the enemy.


Officer and Platoon Sergeant

Platoon Command Group

Posing for a picture.

Advancing!  "Dachshund" Sieg an allen fronten!!!


  1. Some nice figures, have you considered Oakleaf? I find it easier to paint.

  2. Wow! Fine paint job and excellent choice of figures. I have found painting the Caesar figures to be one of the greatest pleasures of the hobby. Are the couple of figures in the field grey uniforms Imex?

  3. Al - thanks! Took me awhile to come up with something that slightly resembled German camo.

    Greg - thanks I really like Caesar - I think they are magnificent figures and they are a very good value. ($11.99 US per box!)

    Ben - thanks very much yes the guys in the standard Wehrmacht uniforms are all from the Imex set. Decent and very precise castings but they don't like paint very much (less than HaT from my Nappies.) Another good value and well worth the money I paid for them. I had to find a use for them somewhere! I am supplementing them with the Armourfast MG crews. Should look good on the tabletop.

    THanks everyone for commenting! Look for my US GI's soon! (like within the next 4 or 5 hours)