Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sick Day - Reorganization

Stayed home from work today due to being sick.  You might think that an amazing opportunity to get some painting done and you would be right if not for the fact that my head hurt so bad I wanted to spare my eyeballs the extra pain.

So I just relaxed the eyes today and didn't do any painting.  That being said, I did do some thinking about what's coming up next as I wrap up certain projects that were started months ago.  There has been some considerable progress from summer until now and the projects from Christmas are wrapping up as well.

Also consider that the entire point of all these projects is to play games!  Somehow that thought escapes me from time to time.

So what's on the horizon?  Games for one thing.  And here is a list of games coming up:

1.  Guns of Liberty:  The Battle of Hubbardton

2.  Disposable Heroes:  SS Panzer "wave of terror" scenario

3.  Blitzkrieg Commander: Germans in the Woods scenario

4.  Crossfire "Bloody 110th" Scenario (Bulge)

5.  Modern Disposable Heroes: Samarra Town Center scenario
6.  Blitzkrieg Commander/GHQ/Spearhead rules playing Charles Grant's "Positional Defense #2" Scenario from his book.  (more than likely will be Blitzkrieg Commander rules set)  1 Soviet Battalion pitted against a German Kampfgruppe.

7.  6mm ACW Volley &Bayonet: "Holding Action #1" from Charles Grant's wargame scenarios booklet

8.  Warmaster Scenario with added regiments, cavalry, artillery, and goblins.

More than likely I'll roll a 1D8 to determine what game I play when I'm ready to play one but these are the priorities I'd most like see soon.

PROJECTS LIST (Stuff Coming Up Next)

Well the German WWII Crossfire Company is complete and that is a big load off my mind.  Now a few more stands of US WWII Crossfire and I can start the British Airborne, US Airborne, and German SS units for Market Garden Crossfire in 15mm!

I am ready to start about 10 more Modern US, WWII US, WWII German, and Muhj forces for Disposable Heroes Skirmish.  About 40 additional troops in all - piece of cake in 1:72!  I also want to start a few experimental 1:72 Soviets for Disposable Heroes as well.

The Nappy Project is underway.  I am working on my first French Fusilier Brigade.  Not sure which battle I will fight (will research that this evening).  Also - how the heck do I work individual Battalions into Age of Eagles???

If I learned one thing from my Halloween Warmaster game, it's that I know that I want to play more Warmaster!  In this case, I need to work on my Orc and Goblin forces basing lizard riders, painting "black orcs" and I want to model some additional empire regiments like men from Bretonnia and other parts of the  empire.  I want to play another battle soon.

I also want to play a Vietnam Disposable Heroes game, as well as a Vietnam Crossfire game using Charles Grant scenarios.

Don't forget about my ACW project either.  I still need some more Union and Rebel Brigades for my SUMMER OF FURY! (I just coined that...An entire summer of Fire & Fury coming up in May!)  I don't anticipate painting any ACW troops until at least APril when I have some Nappy units complete, enough WWII guys to make me happy, and some games under my belt.


IMEX Mexicans for US War of 1812
IMEX Alamo Defenders for Militia units

15mm 251/1 Halftracks
15mm M4 Sherman
15mm Panther A
15mm Soviet Scouts

1:72 Scale Soviet Scouts
1:72 Caesar Orcs and Skeletons (more)
1:72 100 Years War Infantry (plastic)

This blog post turned out to be way bigger than I had thought.  If you made it this far, thanks for reading!  Tune in tomorrow to see pics of my home-made US 57mm Anti-Tank gun!!!  (seriously, I made one from scratch).

Huzzah!  *cough cough*


  1. Crikey you have been thinking overtime. I hate being sick and not being able to mess around in the loft.

    The 57mm guns sound great.

  2. Thanks Paul - I just hung out all day in the house so I had lots of time to think... Perfect for laying out the plan for the next coming months' campaign season.

    The 57mm gun isn't bad - just a tad big for 1:72. I will post pics tonight when I am home. I think for 1:76 or 1:87 they'd be good. Thankfully my 1:72 scaled guys are all on WH bases which makes them a little taller. The next gun will be a PAK 40 but you'll have to tune into the blog to find that out.