Thursday, March 8, 2012

Disposable Heroes: Insurgent Reinforcements!

This is the second batch of "terrorist a**holes" I've painted up.  These will make fine additions to my Iraqi insurgent forces.  You could get away with using them for taliban "troops" although they don't have quite the same "panache" that those idiots have.  Also the dress isnt the same.  (the Chechens I have from the Orion set will make good Taliban).

What I'm thinking is that these warriors will make a good street-fighter cell in Fallujah or Ramadi.  Perhaps even JAM warriors in Sadr City.  I also purchased a Matchbox vehicle set that had some good matches with Iraqi cars.  I even painted a quick Middle Eastern styled license plate on the truck.    My Americans are up next.  I should post them tomorrow but I am still remiss with posting my French Peninsular Battalion.  More to follow.  Stay tuned.  Huzzah!

(by the way, I'd like to thank all my loyal readers and commenters.  This is my 101st post since I've started this blog up!  You guys, your gaming and stories, and especially your work has inspired me to continue mine and I thank everyone for your continued interest and support!  

Cell Leader.  He looks more Afghani or Chechen than any of them.   I accidentally came up with some good Aussie Camo as well on the trousers.  Not sure I want to think about how he got those pants though.

PKM gunner along with a mortar-man in the background.  There are enough PKs painted up to suppress a Company.

This model is interesting as the figure is female.  I never ran into a female insurgent in Iraq that fought, but she will make an interesting addition to the collection.  I gave her camo pants and a football jersey as well.  (should have painted up a Benfica jersey on her)

This guy is one of my favs.  

The guy with the AKM up in the air is a neat figure.  I have a few more and they'll make good Iraqi police.


  1. Great painting, its funny but I was fighting a modern wargame with these same guys when I saw this. I'm sure you get this a lot but thanks for your service and dealing with these creeps.

  2. Thank you, Ben. Unfortunately some of our Soldiers don't hear that enough.

    You know, Caesar makes the best modern figs as far as my opinion is concerned! Inexpensive and highly detailed. I could have gone the metal route but I like these guys and they don't break the bank.

  3. I agree it doesn't seem to end when they come home either.
    True about the Caesar figs, very nice I've never been disappointing with them. It looks like they have some new modern figs in the future on their website-no pictures though. Looks like mortars, support, SEALS and another infantry set, I hope they don't give up on them though.

  4. That is outstanding because I need heavy weapons to complete my Disposable Heroes platoon. The current M240 gunner doesnt cut it!

    I'm glad they're coming out with Seals too - right now I'm improvising by shaving off the bottom of the helmets to make them look more like Delta Force guys with hockey helmets.

    I don't know what rules you use for Skirmish, but the Disposable Heroes game really lets you play out neat scenarios like hostage rescues and "snatch and grab" missions.

    I'm even thinking of playing the scenario from the end of Saving Private Ryan once I get all the vehicles built!!!

  5. Really spot on job in detailing and painting with these poses Steven. Bent barrels really suck however and are the bane of all wargamers.I do like your tags as well, very apt.

  6. Thanks Paul - they were almost perfect except for those damn barrels. I was thinking of melting them back into place but figured they were good enough as is for the short lives they'll have on the gaming table!

  7. I had fun painting those figures also..caesar figs are tops! have you considered the somali and african militia figs?? there are some arabic types that fit in nice.had to laugh at the "terrorist assholes" to funny.

  8. @ Tsold9000 - I was thinking about buying the somali guys / african militia. that opens up a whole new set of projects for me - somalia '93 and the african bush wars. Which means I could purchase some cold war US and the NATO troops for portuguese and french colonical troops from the 1960s-70s. Sounds like a great idea, and Disposable Heroes has a supplement for the Rhodesian War... Oh decisions decisions!

    As far as my post label, I thought terrorist asshole was very appropriate.