Sunday, March 4, 2012

Even Snappier Nappies

Last night I painted up more of my HaT 20mm 1/72 French Fusiliers.  While not completely historically accurate, I think they look OK.  I'm not totally happy with them but they are for gaming, not for winning any contests!

I have a dilemma as far as basing them is concerned due to their size.  I'm not sure the Age of Eagles basing convention was ever supposed to support 20mm figures or larger.  I invoked what the French would call "licence poétique" and I upgraded the bases...

These are 1 1/2" bases and I think they look very nice when all of the figures are glued on them.  I had previously had them on 1" square bases but they were too crowded.  THEN i put them only 2 to a base and the line looked too skimpy for a period when the levee en masse was in effect.

So the reader is left with this - a base that is large enough to accommodate 6 figures and still small enough to form an Age of Eagles brigade.  I will give them one thing - when I have a brigade of 6 to 8 stands, it's going to look super impressive on the tabletop.  Unfortunately this doubled my painting time.  Instead of 3 troopers per stand, it's now 6, and these pesky French already took me weeks to finish.
I think I hear the pas de charge!

Marching towards the lines at Talavera

Command stand is incomplete.  I still need to finish the musician and the color bearer.

The officer turned out nicely.  I wonder what his decoration is for?  

The Brits should be easier with less Soldiers - the Russians harder with triple the amount.  Either way, look like I won't be playing an Age of Eagles game for about 15 years!

And as an interesting side note, I only have to make 3 of these bases to form a Shako Battalion, and can fit 1 base on a sabot to make a Volley & Bayonet Brigade.  So that's not too bad.  Back to painting for me.  Huzzah!


  1. Very nice painting. Napoleonics are my favourite! (I think the decoration is for Meritorious Conduct... in either the kitchen or M'lady's chamber. I suppose it depends on the colour of the medal.)

  2. Thanks John - I love Nappies and the HaT figs are perfect in terms of price, aesthetics, and detail.

    That could be about the decoration - I thought it might have been for turning in the most neighbors to the "Committee of Public Safety" :)

    1. Steven, That is possible, I suppose. "Committee of Public Safety" sounds like the National Safety Council. I always liked Ray Bradbury's "Office of Moral Climates." Has a self-righteous, nanny-state ring to it.

    2. True John! Tune in tomorrow sometime - I will post the completed unit. The glue on the bases is drying now and I'll be flocking them tomorrow!

  3. @ Rodger - thanks very much! I think they turned out ok. These damned cameras pick up all of the mistakes now though :/ Thanks for commenting and stop back often. I should finish the Battalion this evening!