Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mending Fences

I started a project to create rail fences for my ACW and even AWI 15mm battlefields.  Unfortunately they are not adequate for smaller or larger scales but they do look good with 15mm troops.  I plan on making a ton of these for a proper ACW battlefield.  They are quick, cheap, and very easy to make without alot of hassle.  I have about 5 left to paint and that will give me a nice enclosed farm for anywhere in the rural US of the 1860s.

Half painted Union troops from Old Glory.  They show the scale of the fence nicely.

If that wasn't enough, here is a stand of 15mm US WWII GIs (half painted) advancing down a road and encountering 15mm US ACW troops for scale.  All Soldiers are half painted - but the fences sure look good!


  1. Hi Steven. Those fences look great. Nice idea, useful and simple construction. 10 out of 10.

  2. Thanks Paul. I've been looking to build some fences for awhile. A good deal of ACW battlefields were covered in them so expect to see more. I am going to make some stands where the fences were knocked over as well to accommodate soldiers building campfires or something. Thanks for commenting!