Saturday, March 10, 2012

Modern US Troops & Project Update

Another squad for my modern Disposable Heroes Modern US platoon.  (They could also be used in a pinch to play a truly huge or epic game of Crossfire or Cold War Commander as well.)  Playing all these games of Modern Warfare as well as Medal of Honor has really pumped me up to play more modern skirmish games.

I know I've said it in the past, but I love the DH: C7B system for enabling really "cool" skirmish type scenarios.  I'm going to play around with a dawn raid, a patrol, a snatch and grab, and maybe even a "soft knock" operation that turns ugly.

The old, trusty FM 7-8 Infantry Rifle Platoon & Squad stipulates a US Army Rifle Squad consist of two 4 Soldier Fireteams and a Squad Leader.  (Strength of 9)

The "Alpha" Team and the "Bravo" Team each have 1 M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (for the rest of the world, it's called the FN Minimi), 1 Rifleman, 1 Rifleman Grenadier, and a Team-leader Rifleman.  This gives the fireteam the capabilities to suppress any targets that the squad alone outnumbers.

The squad-leader always travels with the maneuvering element during a squad-attack.

For situations when the entire platoon is needed to capture an objective, an entire squad can be used to suppress a target.

Usually squads, platoons, and companies will follow a localized unit TACSOP or Tactical Standard Operating Procedure that stipulates Soldiers covering fire lanes during operations.

Right now I am working a few projects:

Once I have enough WWII guys painted up, I'm going to play an Omaha Beach scenario as well as a Saving Private Ryan Remelle Village defense scenario.  COmplete with tanks and loads of pissed off German troops!  Just need to paint up a squad of Rangers.  That ought to be fun.
DH WWII German & American squads.

Napoleonic French Brigade in 1:72 for Age of Eagles
British Brigade in 1:72 for Age of Eagles
ACW 6mm Volley & Bayonet Scenario
Space Marine & Imperial Guard Trooper for Future War Commander Skirmish
Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy: Vietnam US and NVA Squads
US WWII Crossfire Squads & Weapons Platoon 15mm
GHQ Battle of the Bulge MicroArmour Scenario in 15mm (my actual microarmor is at my Grandfather's house...)
Additional Warmaster Swordsmen Regiment in 1:72
Additional Orc & Goblin Regiments in 1:72

Updating Procurement List:
The D-Day Canadian Supplement from GHQ $20.00
1:72 Tiger model $10.00
1:72 T-62 model $12.00???


  1. Super painting effort Steven, you are getting amongst them now!

  2. Very nice painting there Steven.

  3. Thanks Paul I appreciate it - I thought they turned out pretty good. I'm still at a loss for coming up with good ACU Pattern colors but I think the colors I picked work.