Friday, March 9, 2012

RIP Greg Novak

I just read on the Volley & Bayonet Yahoo Group List that Greg Novak passed away recently.  Originally I was going to post a follow up on a hobby project but thought I would at least pay mention to what I can only describe as a legend to our hobby.  Guys like Greg have advanced wargaming to the wonderful hobby we know it as today in my opinion.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Greg, but I do own quite a few of his works and I can tell you that if his past products are any guide, then we have all felt quite a loss.  I have never read more scholarly or more intensely researched material on the American War for Independence or other conflicts.  With guys like Greg Novak and Frank Chadwick - if you saw their name on the rules, you knew it was high-quality and elegant work.  Thank you Greg!  You will be missed.


  1. I met Greg at the three big Command Decision games known as the Command Cons in the '90's. Very pleasant, knowledgeable fellow. His contributions to our hobby will be missed.

  2. I always wanted to meet both him and Frank Chadwick. I was fascinated to learn that Frank used to game at a club I belong to in the Lehigh Valley in eastern PA.

    Greg's work is hard to beat. I have his AWI source books, his ACW supplement for V&B, as well as CD3 and I was a big fan. Together, he and Frank have published some of the best, most realistic and elegant wargames I've ever played.