Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stay Frosty...Modern Warfare 2 Russians!

Maybe you play video games and maybe you don't.  I only own 1 video game since I purchased my XBOX 360 - Modern Warfare 2 which I absolutely love.  I enjoy the storyline, I love the soundtrack, and I really like the look of the bad guy Russian troops who invade the Continental US from a gaming standpoint.

In that spirit I present to you - my first of many Modern Warfare Russians!  This guy is part of the initial invasion force fighting around Northern Virginia circa 20XX.
mean looking Russian

Note the mag pouches on the body armor

Originally I think they were intended as fasteners but I used the blocks on the back of the armor as communication holders like American SWAT teams like to do.  Came out nice

I researched modern Russian Army camouflage patterns and curiously the guys whom I thought were wearing Swiss Flecktarn in the game, are actually wearing a Russian Camo pattern that is being issued to Russian Airborne units.  Called "SKOL" it's a version of Flecktarn which looks suspiciously like SS Pea Dot Camo to me but what the hell, it makes for good ultra-modern gaming!

The plan is to build a platoon of these guys along with some Soviet Spetsnaz troopers from some old sets I have and build a few models specifically BRDMs, BTR80s, Hind gunships, and an AFV or two.  I will play an Invasion USA Scenario with buildings from the game!  (NOVA Gas Station, Taco Joint, and "that diner to the west").  I will use Iron Ivan's "Disposable Heroes" rules set with their modern supplement "Seek Out, Close With, and Destroy."  Additionally there are some nice material on modern Russians available on the Yahoo Group for free.  Looking forward to this!  Huzzah!

Against the grain, I tanned out the fore grips and the butt-stock  using a sage color just like an AK with plastic MAG-PUL accessories (and like the AKs used in the game by the Russians)

Prekroye Menya! (cover me)

 Russian soldier (more than likely it's an airsoft player in the UK or US) kitted up with the SKOL camo pattern.


  1. Get them out of America or they will get an SKS in the butt by yours truly. Nice painting.

  2. Thanks, Ben. I plan on kicking them out ASAP - but only after a few good games with BTR-80s, BRDMs, and some T-90s thrown in for good measure!

    I plan on playing some Disposable Heroes skirmish games based around missions from the video game. Should be alot of fun. Not sure where in the USA you live, but you're always welcome to swing by and throw some dice around. I'm in Philadelphia myself.

    Thanks for commenting,


  3. Thanks, if I'm ever around there I most certainly will swing by. I promise this is not an advertisement for my blog, But.....did you notice the Iranians I made with these figs? I never was happy with them as Russians (camo is hard) and I got bored so I repainted them.
    Can't wait to see the T-90!b There's some very cool videos of T-80s, and 72s etc, I though the T-80 was the latest model but was mistaken!

  4. You used the same Russian figs I used? I am going to check them out now!