Sunday, March 18, 2012

Upcoming Projects and Such

Well it was a somewhat productive winter but with the coming of Spring and the campaign season I'm thinking about what's coming next in the painting, gaming, and procurement departments.

Here is what is on the near-term agenda:
French Nappy Artillery
British Nappy Artillery
Complete my British Nappy Brigade for AOE
Finish another Disposable Heroes US Squad
Finish another Disposable Heroes German Squad
Finish a Disposable Heroes US Vietnam Squad
Finish a Disposable Heroes NVA Squad
Start GW Catachans and Orcs for DH Sci Fi
Start a Russian Disposable Heroes Modern Squad

Finish 2 ACW Fire & Fury 15mm Yank Brigades
  -Cutler's BDE (Zuoves)
  -Meredith'd BDE (Iron BDE)
Finish 1 ACW Cavalry Brigade 15mm Fire and Fury & Supporting Artillery
Finish 1 additional Rebel Brigade 15mm Fire and Fury

Finish Additional Warmaster Units (1 Empire Swordsmen & Gobbo Regiment)

To Game:
More GHQ games with 15mm Troops -
WWII Crossfire and Modern Crossfire
Age of Eagles Peninsular
Disposable Heroes Normandy Scenarios
Omaha Beach
Modern Disposable Heroes
Iraq-Samarra Meatgrinder
Afghanistan Sha-i-kat Valley
Warmaster Game
Fire & Fury
Guns of Liberty Game (if I ever find my copy of the rules!!!)

15mm WWII Vehicles
US Halftracks
German Halftracks
Sherman Platoon
T34/76 Company (need 3 more)
1:72 Scale BTR80 Model for Invasion USA Scenario
IMEX Alamo Defenders & Mexican Infantry for War of 1812 AOE
Zvezda 100 Years War Swordsmen for Warmaster Units
GW Space Marine Scout Snipers
Airfix Japanese for Pacific War

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