Thursday, April 19, 2012

1st Cavalry Division (Buford's), Army of the Potomac, 1863

You really have to love an Army to commit to painting 2 of the same units in different configurations.  In this instance, I needed to paint Buford's Cavalry Division from the Army of the Potomac, ca 1863 (Gettysburg Campaign).

Pictured here are Devin (6/5/3 Strength) and Gamble's (8/6/4) Brigades along with the Division HQs (Brigadier Buford is dismounted) and Caleff's Light Horse Battery of 3" rifles.
The division deployed for battle - Fire and Fury style.

I should admit that I will also need to paint up a mounted Buford's Division as I cannot have dismounts flying around the battlefield pretending they are mounted.  This dismounted configuration will work for my Gettysburg scenario.  You should listen to Gary Owen as you flip through the thumbnails...  Huzzah!
Colonel Devin rallying his brigade.  Do not have his sash or accoutrements painted up yet 

End of the line

Gamble's Brigade HQs Stand - do not have the colors printed out yet.

The man himself.  Brigadier General John Buford - the man who stole the initiative from Robert E Lee.

Caleff's Battery.  I had to special order the 3"

Caleff's Battery other side.

This trooper is yelling out to his comrades:  "STRETCHER BEARERS!!!!"


  1. Nice painting. I'm painting ACW troops with cavalry as well, but I don't have the dedication to paint dismounted troopers... YET!

  2. Good job on a great unit. The first day of Gettysburg is a fun scenario; not that the entire battle is not fun.

  3. @ John - thanks I've been meaning to paint these guys for years. Buford's cavalry was such an important part of the battle that I couldn't not paint them! Plus I love the firepower from their carbines!

  4. Thanks Mike - I always felt it would be tough to paint because Buford's boys were a hard and seasoned unit, deserving of a lot of respect! Thanks for commenting,