Monday, April 2, 2012

Modern Russians & BTR-80 Part II

Here is my first, 90% completed Modern Russian squad for Seek Out, Close With, and Destroy (Disposable Heroes).  I still need to flock the bases to get them into the fight.

These forces will participate in the Summer, 2016 Russian Invasion of the US as portrayed in Modern Warfare 2's storyline.  While somewhat unrealistic, it is still a great game and the story makes a good background for a nice little miniatures battle with some modern equipment.  I plan on adding an M3A2 Bradley IFV, my Strykers and maybe even a T90 and M1 for good measure.

These troops are Orion's "Modern Russian Federals" and their camo scheme was inspired by the Russian Airborne forces' camo scheme from the game.

I purchased this sweet BTR-80 from a website which sold MRC die-cast models.  I love this model!  THe weathering is already applied along with unit decal (this one belongs to a guards unit) and the camo scheme is done very well.  It should be for the price I paid but for a little $$ this beats ordering one from S & S and paying shipping from the UK as well.  Then I'd have to paint the bugger as well - but enough of me being lazy.  Enjoy the pics.
Russian airborne fireteam at a Traffic Control Point, Northeastern VA, USA

Team Leader

RPD Gunner (with ACOG of course..)

Rear Security and the business end of the 14.5mm

If I had more of these russians, I'd swap this guy's stupid police helmet out with a normal one but alas.  I love the AKSU carbine he's carrying.  This is an outstanding set of minis.

MRC's BTR-80.  Nicely done MRC!

Couldn't have done the weathering better myself.  Tires look like a vehicle on campaign in a warzone.

Rally on me!
To see an interesting take on these same figures, check out Ben's Iranians at Ben's Soldiers!  Excellent choco chip camo.


  1. Thanks for the link man, that was completely unexpected, I was just reading along and saw my name! Good work on them again and that is a nice looking BTR.
    Today I ordered two more sets of the guys and some vehicles. The two double packs of Revell Hummvee(?); M-1; two T-72s;and I THINK that's all. I'll just be glad when they get here. I'm planing on doing the second Iraq war now. My Iranians I think could serve as Iraqis too.

  2. Ben,
    No worries - the world needs to see your chocolate chip camo.

    Your guys could also serve as Modern Post-War Iraqi Army (with US Adviser support). The modern Iraqis fielded chocolate chip camo and I think the regular mechanized forces still do, with the paramilitary forces choosing digi-flage for their uniforms. At least the last time I saw them all in Baghdad, they were wearing choco-chip. :)

    I need to order another BTR-80 but am thinking I'll be assembling my BRDM Command vehicle by the end of the month. I do have some competing priorities though - HaT British Nappy Brigade, as well as 2 US Northern ACW Brigades as well (Cutler's painted up as the 14th Brooklyn Zuoves, and a Dismounted Cavalry Brigade from Buford's 1st Cavalry Division. Goodness gracious it's alot of stuff on the workbench!)

  3. Very cool! I love Post-WWII stuff.

  4. Austin,
    Me too - sadly I have way too much modern micro-armor to start buying hordes of 20mm modern armor - but I am buying limited amounts of hardware for skirmish gaming. Some pre-built stuff and some put-together stuff.

    Tune in often! I should have the rest of the Russian VDV platoon finished in a couple weeks (once I get the rest of these nappies and ACW off my desk).