Friday, May 4, 2012

Afrika Korps Troops!

It's been awhile since my last post and for good reason.  Things have been super busy around here but fear not.  I have finally gotten around to doing a little painting.  This started out as an experiment after accidentally ordering a Zvezda 1/100 Panver IV D early war variant.  I had nothing to use it with except if I wanted to play North Africa - one of my favorite theaters of WWII.

Here in all their glory are my first runs at painting DAK troops.  I gave them a hodgepodge of different colors and shades, and in a bold move, I drybrushed them white.  The white has a really nice effect on sand colors once done and while they might not win any awards, they will fit right at home on my gaming table.

These represent 2 Blitzkrieg Commander or GHQ platoons.  Or Crossfire Squads.  Whichever I want them to be.  Enjoy.  Huzzah!
Some of the figs are borrowed from the European Theater of Operations but  they still work.

flocking desert bases is always fun.  I am going to include rusty metal bits in there as well for ambiance.

Rifleman Schultz is confused...

This fig in the lead with the MP40 is from Old Glory's DAK set.  He looks awesome!  

Note how the drybrushing makes the helmets, kit, and tunics look dusty.

2 platoons of hardened, sun-baked landsers.

Half track added for scale.  Zvezda's halftracks are a tad small  but for under 4 bucks a track, who's complaining?!?

Nice pic.


  1. What brand minis are those? Command Decision / Old Glory is my guess.

  2. Ski - you guessed it. They are Command Decision/OG with the exception of the leader figure in the first picture with his arm raised - he is Battlefront. The next few units will have considerably more Battlefront in them but the core of my collection are Command Decision/OG. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Nice work Steven, they do have that lovely worn look about them.

    Well done

  4. Thanks Paul. I think I nailed that "been on campaign in the desert and haven't done laundry for months" look. Too bad I couldn't paint on the sand flea bites you get from that wonderful part of the world. Thanks for commenting!


  5. I can hear the crackling hiss on the Funkempfänger playing "Unser Rommel" now!...
    "Wir sind das deutsche Afrikakorps..."

    David :-)

  6. Dave,

    Panzer rollen in Afrika vor!

  7. As much as I like Battlefront minis, their price and tendency to run large has pushed me back towards OG.

    Very nice painting, by the way!

  8. Ski,
    I agree completely. BF's quality isn't dramatically better than OG's anyways IMHO. And Warweb has a nice sale on Command Decision minis as well. 40% off on their Command Decision WWII line! I bought some Universal Carriers as I was waiting for a decent sale to start on my Brits.