Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Afrika Korps Trucks! (lots of pictures)

One problem plaguing armies throughout modern history is a lack of proper rolling stock to move their stuff around.  My armies are no exception!  I dug these out of the 15mm box and here they are in all their dusty, yellow glory.  The resin models with bases came with the Battlefront "Grenadiere Kompanie" I purchased years ago.  The Opel blitz truck is a Zvezda 1/100 model that I put together in less than 3 minutes.

The Horch Kfz 15 I will use only  for Afrika Korps games and have painted an AK symbol on the doors.  Meanwhile the Steyr Kfz70 will be used as a command platform for games in any theater to include Ostfront, Westfront, and any late war stuff.  For BKC and GHQ WWII rules, it will be used as an HQ stand.  For Command Decision it will be used for the Battalion or Regimental CP stand.    I'll use it mostly as a prime mover for my medium caliber ATGs but I think it could also function as a wheeled transport stand if needed.

Same with the truck.  I really wanted to make the truck a primarily Afrika Korps stand, but given my serious lack of transport for Anti Tank guns as well as Artillery and infantry, the truck is needed to serve the fatherland in other theaters as well!!!

DAK Troops dismount and Opel 3 ton and march towards the line of departure

Steyr Kfz 70

The blackout light covers look neat

The pictures don't do the vehicle justice but the drybrushing turned out very nice.

Next to the infantry for scale.

The horch!  Note the Afrika Korps symbol on the door.  I first saw that used (the white on black symbol) in the movie "Playing Dirty" with Michael Caine.

I found one of my battlefront drivers.  Here is Private Schultz waiting for the Company Commander who is naturally in a meeting...

He's thinking about how he's going to miss sauerbraten night at the  Mannschaftsheim    

Some landsers walk by and poke fun at the Hauptmann's driver.

The venerable Opel Blitz truck!

Zvezda makes a nice and cheap model - perfectly scaled as well

Next up is my Afrika Korps Panzer IV Ausf D short barrel....


  1. Thats a good looking selection Steven. The Blitz is especially nice. Such a shame they did in in that scale rather than 1/72.

    Shame for me that is...

  2. Paul,
    I would have bought it in 1/72 as well. It's a nice kit - and snap-together! :)
    Thanks for commenting,


  3. Thank you Gowan, I am very proud of them. Plus I needed command vehicles so these will do the trick. Thanks for commenting,