Friday, July 13, 2012

Gaming Plans and other Distractions...

What a tease.  Seriously.  Earlier today I was putting away some of my gaming stuff that I got out earlier in the summer and the legions of vehicles were laughing at me for not having them at 100% battle readiness.  There are some gorgeous Panzer IIIs at about 80% and half of an Afrika Korps infantry Battalion staring at me as I type this.

Then there were all the Nappies I had the high hopes of finishing up.  Alas!  Life gets in the way.  Work was extremely nuts the last few weeks and there are big impending changes around the house (nothing bad) that really put a crimp on my gaming.

That being said, when I was putting them all away, I was wondering what I'd like to play next.  There are a few caveats to this - must be already painted and ready for battle, must be readily available, and the rules must be familiar to me.

So with those filters in mind here is where we stand with the "Summer of Gaming 2012" that I opened a few scant months ago:

DAK 15mm WWII Games: Unfortunately put on a very temporary hold.  When painting season starts back up, they will be the first things rolling off the assembly lines next to those Armored British cruisers I bought.  Until then, mothballed until further notice!

Shako / Age of Eagles 20mm: On-Hold.  I just could not, for the life of me, garner enough energy to finish another Napoleonic French Battalion, let alone complete my British Battalion.  Too many straps, buttons, under garments, and musket furniture to paint scared me away.  They will be completed sometime in the future...

LZ Xray Project.  This project is still ongoing and when I do decide to start painting something, that something will be US Troops circa 1965 and North Vietnamese Troops as well.

Battle of Princeton Project:  Well the Hubbardton Project took me years to finish.  I see no reason why I should hurry with another AWI project.  Haste makes waste!

Modern Crossfire / Modern Disposable Heroes:  This project is still ongoing.  With the recent addition of a platoon's worth of Hummvees (M1025 and M1026 that will represent M1114s in Iraq) I am ready to tear up a small village north of Baghdad.  That being said, it's time to start a new US platoon in Multi-Cam...


Here are some games I'd like to get in this summer sometime:

  1. A HUGE Axis and Allies Naval Game.  
  2. SHAKO Seven Year's War Battle with my Baccus / Adler 6mm Troops
  3. A large Volley and Bayonet ACW Game with my painted / based 6mm troops
  4. Modern Crossfire Game with all of my vehicles 
  5. Guns of Liberty Seven Years War variant (found on the yahoo group page)


  1. Right you are! Live gets in the way of living.

  2. Hi again Steven! The projects planned sound exciting, I can't wait to see the Hummvees in operation. Strangely I just recently began work on a platoon in Multicam, all I need to do is finish one more fireteam! Here is how I did it.

    I'm sure yours will be a different style but I was pretty happy with the turnout.
    Looking forward to what projects are next

  3. John,
    Sure seems that way. I can't complain though! Even though life has been crazy, I still try and get some painting and gaming in every now and then. I feel like the blog is keeping me honest.


  4. Hello Ben! My projects are very ambitious - here's hoping I can actually accomplish some of them. A large, 15mm WWII North Africa battle would be awesome!

    As far as the Multi-Cam guys - I will check out your site. I am looking for just about any tips or ideas I can get. I always suck at painting camo.

    Thanks for commenting!