Sunday, July 29, 2012

On the workbench...

How is this for irony?  Before the birth of our daughter, all I wanted to do was game.  Throw some dice around, take some pictures, and post AARs to my blog.  

Now that she's arrived and when we manage to get a wink or two of sleep, all I want to really do is paint.  I tried to play a very small game of Future War Commander skirmish with my Space Marines and Guardsmen but alas, I ended up putting them away.

So with that in mind, here is the top list of projects I'm currently finishing up and will hopefully have for display this week:

  • French Napoleonic Peninsular Battalion (about 80% complete, needs piping, hat brass, and some odds and ends)
  • British Napoleonic Peninsular Line Battalion (also about 80% complete, also need the same as above)
  • US Aero Rifle Company for Cold War Commander.  Mostly done, waiting on bases to finish up.  2nd and 3rd Platoon, A Troop, 1-7 Cavalry
  • NVA Battalion from the vaunted People's 33d Regiment.  About 50% done.  
  • DAK Infantry Battalion About 50% done.
Much of this progress was done today.

Here are some projects I'm interested in starting again or finishing up:

15mm DAK Armour / Vehicles - have a boat-load of Panzer IIIs that need finishing up and need to knock out a ton of Opel 3 ton trucks.
6mm ACW Project for Volley and Bayonet - need more rebel units and rebel command
6mm AWI Project (Brand New) want a few units as a test-run
15mm AWI Princeton Project - want the 55th Foot started.
15mm US Army Europe 1944.  Continuing my hybrid US Army force in 15mm for both GHQ and Blitzkrieg Commander.  I have 2 M10's just screaming for a paint job.
15mm British 8th Army 1942 (Brand New)
15mm ACW Cutler's Zuoaves (14th Brooklyn)


  1. As your daughter grows up, best to put aside some figures for her to paint. That worked for my daughter... who plays D&D, Traveller, and Warmaster (High Elves).

    1. John,
      Sounds like an excellent idea! Sounds like it would stimulate the creative juices as well. I also hope she likes "arts and crafts" because she's helping daddy with terrain projects when she's old enough.

      You are a lucky man that your daughter has an interest in miniatures and gaming! There is nothing more scary on the tabletop than a girl armed with high elves or dark elves!!!


  2. well I guess all it takes is one thing to happen and then we all want to do something different. besides painting is good, she'll grow up and see the magic of art unfold infront of her

    1. Gowan,
      I'm hoping so. She doesn't necessarily have to like gaming, but hopefully my passion for the hobby gives her a similar itch for a hobby as well.


  3. Things will get better and the sleeping habits of the baby will level out and will sleep longer periods....just pick up a brush and paint when you can.


      You would be surprised with the amount of work I completed yesterday on my napoleonics troops when she and mama took their naps!!

  4. sometimes gaming takes too much mental effort - whereas painting can almost be therapeutic

  5. Glad you are finding time to squeeze in painting. The free time will wax and wane as baby keeps growing. Be sure to post pics!