Thursday, August 9, 2012

French Peninsular Troops

In continuing my theme, here is another generic unit of Peninsular French troops.  Again, these guys can serve as a 3-stand Shako Battalion, or as a Volley and Bayonet Division with 3 individual Brigades, or even 3 seperate Shako units if I'm feeling lazy enough.  More than Likely I'll use them as individual Shako units to get larger games and conserve on space.  That being said, if I had a larger space to game, I could combine all of my French units for Age of Eagles...

  The reader will kindly excuse some of the "slop" mistakes as I hurried up with these blokes and painted as I found time when the baby was sleeping!  

One Shako Battalion?  Or three...

There is a large disparity in quality.  Some of them turned out very nicely.  Others not so much.  All had to do with which Popsicle stick they were planted on!

The 2 ranks gives a much better idea that this is a combat unit, rather than a skirmish line.

HaT plastic is soft and bendy but still makes for an excellent looking unit.

These units need tufts of grass to make them look more authentic. 

I think they look adequately raggedy and like they've been marching for awhile.

In column


  1. Those look really good! I'm not really into the Napoleonic Era, but those look awesome.

    1. Thanks Austin. Appreciate the comment. I didn't used to be into Napoleonics either, but try reading any of the Sharpe Novels (Try Sharpe's Eagle). You would never have thought the era could be so...awesome!

  2. Great looking figures! I am looking forward to seeing the next batch!

    1. Thanks Brian! I hope you like Portuguese! They're up next!

  3. Great job on such mediocre figures! The metal effects and piping came out especially well.