Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Thin Red Line

I finally (sigh of relief) finished some Napoleonics.  Like I've said before, for some strange reason, after the birth of our daughter, I'm finding that when she and her mommy are asleep, it's prime time for me to paint.  Forget gaming, these crucial months for my daughter are also crucial months when I can get in some GOOD PAINTING!!

So I finished my Nappies that were on the work bench.  First up?  My Peninsular British.  I purposely chose 1 rank deep to give the impression of smaller numbers than their French counterparts, whom I based in 2 ranks.

British Brigade, generically based on 1 1/4" square stands.  Now I can use the bases individually for Volley & Bayonet, as well as for Shako, or combine many for Age of Eagles games.  What I will most likely do is use the bases individually for Shako and V&B.  That way I can paint literally 3 or 4 guys and complete a unit!!

The NCO with the Pike will eventually be holding the Colors.  I just couldnt find my color print out!

Need to paint up the Officer's sash.

Line troops

Lights.  Their pom pom needs to be painted up.

Packs were easy to paint.  I really like the HaT troops.  and for the price you can't beat them!

Close up shot of a generic unit.

A command stand, or just another unit.

I added a device to the cartridge box, although I'm not sure that's accurate.  For instance i know only  French specialist troops had devices on their boxes.

A Shako Battalion.  Or a Volley and Bayonet Division.  Or an Age of Eagles Brigade. get the idea.
Huzzah!  Next up are the French!


  1. Lovely work Steven. Good painting all around.

  2. Very nice work! I can't wait to see the rest of your Peninsular War forces all painted up.

  3. Thanks guys, I think they turned out ok. I probably could have put some more guys on the stand, but everyone gets the general idea! Portuguese units up next - that will make the Mrs happy. Then onto more Brits and French. Hopefully I'll be tossing dice on the Peninsula within the month!


  4. Very nice painting. I'm currently working on their new Prussian infantry, such well sculpted and molded figures!