Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Campaign Season...

It's that time of year again.  Fall in the Northeastern United States.  Time for the British to make a throw at Mister Washington's forces one last time before the onset of winter....

It is also an opportunity to get in some good gaming here!  Here is a list of upcoming games I would like to play and projects that are nearing completion:


  • 15mm Volley & Bayonet AWI Game in "Wing" Scale.
  • Disposable Heroes D-Day D+1 American Airborne Scenario: seize a small crossroads village and knock out some pesky German MG and Mortar positions...
  • Disposable Heroes Sci Fi Game: Blood Pact Ambush, Sabbat Worlds Crusade
  • BKC North Africa: A DAK Infantry Battalion holds a ridgeline against newly committed American Armour.
  • The Duel: An American Infantry Battalion and DAK Infantry Battalion fight it out using GHQ's Micro Armour rules
  • Fire & Fury small meeting engagement
Projects Nearing Completion:
DAK Infantry Heavy weapons - the majority of the Infantry companies and command are finished.  The engineer platoon, MG platoon, and mortar platoon need their uniforms next...
DAK North Africa Armour.  My Panzer Battalion is at roughly 75% just needs finishing now.  Also working on the transport platoons as well.  I have 4 zvezda trucks waiting for their paint job.
DAK Panzer Battalion HQs Unit: Having made the unfortunate decision to use a fighting vehicle model as a HQs, I will now customize him so he is indistinguishable as a BKC HQ Element.
US Armour Task Force: Have the Halftracks and Tanks, just need to finish them off and apply the decals.
DH Imperial Guardsmen Platoon - need to paint armor and fatigues

Projects on the Horizon
I have another few units of Nappys to complete, including another British Battalion, a Portuguese Battalion, and French Lights - they are still at stage 0 right now, awaiting their undercoating...
Cutler's Zuove "Brigade" for Fire and Fury - still waiting for their uniforms to arrive...
Warmaster Project - have new units identified, awaiting their undercoating for my large, annual Halloween game!!  
British 8th Army Project: What could be more fun than to start a whole, other 15mm Army!!!  I have the infantry, Bren carriers, and armour all still in the packaging left over from purchases years ago.  With my DAK units finally finished, there's never been a better time!
This Very Ground Skirmish Project: remember all those 1:72 AWI Troops I painted?  I can't think of a better role for them than scouting General Burgoyne's forces.  So they will be ripped off their bases, glued onto Pennies, and thrown into the fray!  Should be quite the party.

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