Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Progress Report & Plans

So far I've been churning out units for Napoleon's War machine in Spain and Portugal.  Right now I'm up to 10 French Brigades and 2 Command Stands, next to a whopping 3 British Brigades and 1 Command Stand.  I've got to get the lead out in regards to my British stands.

In the pipeline I've got Artillery for both sides, as well as a bunch more British Brigades, Command Stands for both sides, British Skirmishers, and lots of Cavalry for both sides as well YIKES!  If I had more hair, I'd pull it out...

Thought I'd share with everyone some plans for the future in terms of where I'm taking my own little piece of the hobby, and what games and projects I have in the pipeline.

In the "near" future, I plan on gaming the following:

Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy Vietnam Game - with M113s, and ARVN troops!
Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy Afghanistan Game (Staff Sergeant Giunta's Medal of Honor engagement)
Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy Iraq-Fallujah Game

Normandy BKC Game 15mm.  Need to finish the US Armor and I'm ready to play a large NW Europe game.
Warmaster Halloween Game. Building more Orc Regiments, Orc Cavalry, Command, and a few more Empire Regiments to avenge Lord Rattenkriegs demise last year, the Lords have charged General Ernst Wurtz Kiestermeister to clear out the Orc infestation of the badlands to the North of the Empire and restore order to the vital trading routes...  This year's battle will have artillery, cavalry, ogres, trolls, and a whole lots more infantry!

Volley & Bayonet Peninsula Battle -  still working on the numerous brigades, batteries, squadrons, and command staffs for a small campaign of battles.


The following projects are in various states of completion.

Volley & Bayonet Battle of Talavera
LZ X-Ray Cold War Commander - Have 2 Battalions of NVA completed, along with 2 Companies of GIs.  Still have 1 Battalion, support units, and 2 more Companies of GIs to finish.
North Africa Blitzkrieg Commander - working the US and DAK Armor now with the infantry almost finished.  I have a nicely rounded out 2000 point DAK force and US force to fight a nice battle in North Africa.  The long term part comes in with all of the British "Armour" and Infantry I have to paint.
First Day at Gettysburg - Fire and Fury: waiting on Cutler's Zuoves and a few other Union Line units and I would say we're about done!
Disposable Heroes Sci Fi set in the 40k Universe


Fantasy Skirmish Game using Pirates and Undead 1/32 scaled figures and either a D20 system, or Iron Ivan's This Very Ground rules...
Air to Air Game
Huge Axis & Allies Miniatures Naval Battle South Pacific
Huge Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy Vietnam game using purely ARVN vrs PAVN troops with armor, APCs, and limited air power.

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