Monday, November 5, 2012

Kallistra Orcs!

Finally got around to painting some 10mm Kallistra Orcs.  I say finally because I've owned them for about 6 years now and they've been in the package waiting patiently...

These are my first foray into 10/12mm and I don't think they turned out too too badly.

I am also cheap and only based 1 strip per base.  that gives me 2 whole units per package - nice way to stretch a dollar!  Enjoy.  Huzzah!
They don't look too bad based in 1 file.

Nice detail on the castings.

I put the "red hand" on there, borrowing from another Kallistra Orc Fan, "Glue on the"


  1. Excellent! They are great looking sculpts with no shortage of "character". I like your use of various flock types on the bases.

  2. I think they look much better than their GW Warmaster counterparts. The Kallistra figs are really elegant and simple but with nice, subtle details.