Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DAK Unit HQs & MG Platoon

Well I'm happy to report that a project is finally wrapped up!  My Afrika Korps guys for 15mm WWII are finally complete with the completion of the MG platoon here and the Command Stand.  This Command Stand is actually the Desert Fox himself from Battlefront.  I will use him as a Brigade or Kampfgruppe Headquarters for Blitzkrieg Commander, or the "GHQ" Stand for GHQ's WWII MicroArmour rules.  Regardless, there is no doubt what purpose the stand serves...

The Desert Fox receives an intelligence briefing on enemy dispositions at Halfa Ridge.

Afrika Korps Machine Gun Platoon.  In both BKC and GHQ this is a "support stand"

The sand is GW.

I painted papers on the table.  Maps or some other classified minutiae?

"Sir we believe the enemy MAY be somewhere between the top portion of this map page,  and the bottom portion of the page..."

Another awesome shot!!!


  1. Wonderful stands! I do like the command staff!

    1. Thanks, Phil. Neat little figures aren't they?

  2. Command stand is very nice. BTW, aluminum foil cut into tiny bits makes great 15mm scale paper that holds a pose.

    1. Ski,
      Yet another good use for aluminum foil! I had not thought about using it as paper. When I work out my Russian command unit, I'll be sure to include it.