Friday, December 7, 2012

Waffen SS Platoon - Operation Market Garden

The first of my Waffen SS units for operation Market Garden, but actually appropriate for other theaters as well.  Again, I used the camo style from battlefront's "how to paint waffen ss camouflage" ...This unit can be a squad for crossfire, or a platoon for other games I play.

Let me just preface with - I've never been good at painting camo :)
Plastic Troops from Battlefront's "Open Fire" Starter Kit.

Wearing Fall Oak schemes

The guy on the right is my shoddy attempt at "SS Pea Dot" - I swear I followed the steps exactly.

It looks like cheap leopard print and not manly camo.

Might be a battle report coming up - not sure if WWII or Napoleonic.  Depends on how much I want to set up this evening!


  1. Very nice! I like the poses of the soldiers!

    1. Thanks, Phil. These guys are Battlefront's "Open Fire" FLames of War Starter kit. Off of a sprue I got for free.

  2. They look very good. I like the scene they make, the leader in front telling his troops to shut up! The camo looks very good, and the figures look nice in themselves. Do you have any of the PSC 15mm figs? They're range seems to be growing quickly.

    1. Ben,
      I actually purchased the PSC 15mm Germans and they are a great deal. Excellent detail and they paint up very easily. They also blend almost seamlessly with my other 15mm varieties. I tell you what - if PSC is making it, I'm paying attention.

      I already own their Panzer III box, their T-34 box, their 251 Halftrack Box, and the German Late War infantry. I almost purchased their Soviet 45mm AT guns, but thought Command Decision had a better deal.