Monday, December 3, 2012

Waltzing With Matilda

For all of my British and ANZAC friends out there, here is the first of my Desert Rats in all their glory.  I have a pile of British infantry waiting to be painted up.  For now you'll have to be content with my 2 x Zvezda "Matildas."

Probably the easiest snap-together kit I've ever assembled and for under 4 dollars (US) a mini, you cannot beat the price.  These 2 stalwart battlewagons are ready to give ole' Erwin a rough time.  One is affectionately named "bullpup" and the other "Dunkirk."  I will throw in a few other pics just for fun.  Not much getting done on the hobby front lately.  i actually wanted to show off to the world that I think I've got this German SS Camo thing licked now.  Check out the first guy with the "rust" or autumn smock on.  I used the guide from the Battlefront painting page for SS Camo and using their color combinations and technique of  camo overlap, I think he turned out well.  The "plane tree" however did not.  That is the second dude who is holding his schmeisser by the magazine in front.

Interestingly though, the dude with the MP40 belongs to the battlefront "open fire" boxed set sprue which I got for free from The War Store...

Expect in the next week:
DAK MG platoon, DAK Anti Aircraft Platoon, Desert Rat Universal Carriers, British Desert Rat Infantry all started.

Matilda's good side

a pair of Matilda Mk IIs.

I used the "tin foil" method for applying camo.  If anyone would like it, I took pics of each step.

All of the colors are mixtures in the SS trooper's smock.

Also you gotta love when the paint goes on "chust zo" (old Pennsylvania Dutch term) and outlines the facial expressions like that.

No complaints with how he turned out.  Figure is Command Decision Waffen SS.

Fig is plastic Battlefront from their Open Fire boxed set.  This is my pathetic attempt at early German camo.

The plastic BF guys are outstanding.

sizewise comparison - BF, Wargames Factory 15mm, and Command Decision


  1. Nice work! "Chust so" and "vonce naw."

    1. "outen the lights, John" :) Thanks for commenting, John

  2. Nice work Steve! The Matilda is a classic tank, and yours look the business. I didn't know Zveda made them, that is interesting to know.
    As for the SS trooper, he looks just fine, the camo is well done. Interesting comparison shot you did. I can't say that the Wargames Factory figure came out looking very good beside the other two, Looks like a range to avoid in that scale.
    Take care,

    1. Thank you, Padre! The Matilda II is actually one of my favorite tanks of the war.
      I am not sure if you're into 15mm or not, but Zvezda has a "good" selection of WWII 15mm vehicles. Currently all early war stuff for their tabletop game "Art of Tactic" but I am earnestly hoping they expand the selection.

      The Matildas were both under 4 US dollars and a great bargain compared to battlefront's 11 dollar AFV. They also look comparable to Plastic Soldier Company. My DAK Panzer Battalion is made up of Zvezda and PSC fill-ins.

      Zvezda also has very nice 20mm kits, just more pricey than their 15s.

      Thanks for your comments on the SS camo. still experimenting with techniques - oh and don't buy the 15mm Wargames Factory guys unless that's all you're gonna buy. I suppose they have a future as 12th SS Hitler Youth troops??? :)

  3. Great looking work all around Steven...Show us your tin foil mate!

    1. Okay, Paul you got it. Tonight's post will be the "tin foil method" for cheap camo on vehicles.

      I'll throw in the Universal Carriers for good measure.


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    1. Thanks, Gowan. I fudged a few things up, but I'll remember for the next batch.

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    1. Thanks, Styx! Appreciate the comments!

  6. The tanks look good but the figures are the best! The early war camo is actually very good. I tried it a while back for a diorama and found it hard to get the colors to show up well, I guess it was because it was on grey/blue in stead of light tan. Good job.

    1. Thanks, Ben. I got this method from the Battlefront Minis / Flames of War website. They have some really good tutorials on painting up the miniatures. The SS camo tips were great, but not easy to paint on 15's...