Friday, February 22, 2013

From the Procurement Department...

With all these cutbacks in defense spending on the news lately I thought it fitting to announce some "sequestration" plans of my own.  Instead of large increases in hobby-related defense spending, I actually have quite a modest procurement list to announce that should be easy to fill
- that is until Zvezda  releases their 1/100 plastic "moderns" line featuring T-72s, M1 tanks, 1/144 Hinds and Apaches, etc!

Armourfast T-34/76
Armourfast Panzer IIIJ

Old Glory 15mm BMP-2
Old Glory 15mm T-80 MBT
Old Glory 15mm Modern US GI
Old Glory 15mm Soviet Command

Battlefront SU-76

Old Glory 57mm US AT Guns

HaT Napoleonic Command French
HaT Napoleonic Command British
HaT Russian Grenadiers

The announcement of the Zvezda moderns will really be the icing on the cake for this - and that tops about 150 dollars (US) of what I plan on spending, assuming they keep the prices the same as their WWII Art of Tactic Line - I plan on buying the following:

6 x T72
4 M1A1
4 M2/3 Bradley
6 BTR-70
2 MI24 Hind
2 AH64 Apache gunships

with each of these running 5 dollars a pack this will run me ballpark 130 to 140 for my cold war procurement.  Dont forget I'll still need forces for mid-Cold War and Command Decision (Old Glory) will still have to field that void.  Strictly speaking I'm talking about M60 MBTs, T62s, and BMP1s.

Huzzah!  Not much activity on the hobby front, as you can all tell.


  1. Hi Steven, a man with a plan by the looks of it.

    I totally concur with your fiscal planning programme. I too will be buying into the Cold War Zvezda range except for the vehicles which I have ample in the 20mm dept.

    Those figure packs however will be priority.

    You would think now that Zvezda has worked out the 3D design systems used to produce the art of tactic range they would issue a 1982 Falklands Game with similar gaming aids as I think its a most balanced game.

    My dreaming suggests a map board of the Falklands

    British Infanty, Command and Support Weapons stands.

    British 105mm Light gun and Scorpion light tank.

    British Sea King and Harrier stands.

    While on the Argentine side with have similar Infantry, Command and Support figure stands.

    OTO 105mm Pack Howitzer, and AML-90 type armoured cars.

    As for aircraft, they could field a Huey UH-IH, and a Dagger type or Skyhawk.

    Special Force packs could include SAS and Argentine Marines.

    Just a rambling thought on a Saturday morning.

    Regards Paul

    1. Paul,
      Always have to have a plan when spending money is concerned.

      I'm glad to hear you'll also be buying into the zvezda range. Those 20mm figs look nice and the weapons are crisp, if their WWII brethren are any guide - I have great expectations out of a modern range.

      A Falklands game would be a blast. The Argentinians have good weapons but shoddy morale and poor cohesion. The Brits have great cohesion but are more lightly equipped.

      I've always wanted to have a go at the Falklands. Would be tremendous fun to game. Have you ever played their "Art of Tactic" game? I have no idea how the mechanics work. I use their minis for other games.

      Hey ramble on - it is a Friday afternoon with barely anyone here in the office and I am at work!

    2. No I have never tried it myself as it looks too Strategic, withers I am more a tactical guy, I have however been impressed with their move into the market and I think the concept is quite sound.

      The Falklands also offers a number of what ifs available with the bounding advance and logistic difficulties, along with a real sense of true Land,Sea and Air operation which really does not present itself everyday.

      As for Fridays in the office, I concur, and have often wondered if it would be better production wise to eliminate the afternoon altogether.

      Cheers Paul

    3. Paul - I prefer the Southern-European siesta to the work-afternoon.

  2. Oh no, not here too! I have been following the military side of the news for a while, and Zvezda is definitely much more cheerful.
    That is a nice little list with many interesting things on it. I just ordered some Elhiem Soviets and may run some 1980s Afghan, and first Chechen war projects in the near future, so these new Zvezda weapons packs will be very useful for adding assets here and there. Almost every modern fan I hear from is excited about them, so I don't know any reason that the range couldn't eventually expand.

    1. Ben,
      I am afraid so! I love the idea of the cheaper Zvezda modern miniatures esp when compared to how much the Old Glory and QRF 15mm minis cost. I can purchase significantyl more plastic 1/100 than pewter!
      Can't wait to see how you paint up those modern Sovs!


  3. Hi Steve:
    Glad to hear that your defence budget is not going to be hit by the sequester.
    My own planning process is to decide how much money I want so spend per month and then just to order whatever I fancy. Very little planning, I fear.
    I keep hearing good things about Zveda kit.

    1. Mike,
      It certainly will not affect my wargaming procurement plans at present. My wife (with power of the purse both literally and figuratively) controls the defense budget in our house!!! Funds and additional funding must be justified...

      I am planning on buying a ton of the Zvezda stuff when it comes out to round out a 15mm Cold War force of Soviets and Americans. It will hopefully beat the cost of Command Decision Cold War minis, or QRF.