Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gaming List - What Should I Play Next??

There hasn't been alot of time lately for painting as I'm sure you can tell by the conspicuous lack of posts.  One thing is sure - I have alot of games planned and they will be accomplished even in the midst of a move!  Some of them won't require much in the way of terrain or even models - which is a good thing when you need to travel light.

Another plan I have embarked on is gaming with good ole' Board Wargames.  To that end, I've went and purchased "MECHWAR '77" about a Warsaw Pact invasion of West Germany in 1977.  The game features the old US tables of organization and equipment with M60 Battle Tanks, M113 APCs, and of course T-62 tanks!

This purchase supplements my Panzerblitz, Squad Leader, Panzer Leader, and Arab Israeli Wars tactical board wargames I have in storage at my Grandfather's house now.  Additionally I have a host of Operational-Level board wargames in storage to include NATO, Yom Kippur, and Aspern-Essling to name a few.

Here is my miniature gaming list and what I have in store for spring and summer gaming:

  1. Eastern Front 1943 15mm Soviet River Crossing Operation - GHQ Rules
  2. Eastern Front 1942 "State Farm 79" from the GHQ Rule Book using 15mm minis
  3. WWIII MicroArmor Battle - Fulda Gap: Battle for Obergeis 1979
  4. Battle of the Bulge Game 110th Infantry Regiment holding Action - BKC Rules 15mm minis
  5. Disposable Heroes Gela River, Sicily Skirmish Campaign 20mm skirmish minis
  6. Large Peninsula Napoleonic Shako Battle 20mm minis
  7. Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy Rules playing Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Scenarios 1 through 4 from the OEF Force on Force Scenario book including:
  • ODA 579 Village Defense with Eastern Alliance fighters against Taliban
  • Takur Ghar
  • Sha-i-kot Valley
  • British OP Mutay I
     6. Axis & Allies WWII Naval Battle - First Battle of Sirte - then Replay with Mongoose's Victory at Sea Rules.

     7. Vietnam Game - LZ XRay Cold War Commander (CWC) in 15mm

     8. Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy World War III Game - Soviet VDV holding Bridges against British Reserve Forces counter attack 20mm

      9. Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy "By the Knife" Afghanistan Scenario.  Soviet Airborne against Muhj fighters 20mm

     10. Sci Fi Skirmish in the "Grim Darkness of the 41st Millenium" using the Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy rules.  I have the Sci Fi terrain almost completed!!   28mm
     11. Fantasy Skirmish using the "One Page Skirmish Rules" I got off of "Free Wargames Rules dot Co dot UK.  I am taking all of my Warmaster 20mm troops and individually basing them for large skirmish battles!  20mm

     12.  Mass Fantasy Battles using my 10mm GW and Kallistra Fantasy Miniatures

      13.  World War II Stalingrad Skirmish - using 20mm Italeri, PSC, and Caesar Troops along with Armourfast Tanks would like to play a Stalingrad campaign game using Disposable Heroes rules and supplements.

what would everyone like to see first?  I am kind of stuck with what steps to take next.  Obviously there will have to be some prepwork before each battle, but I'm kind of thinknig maybe I will work on one particular project for a number of weeks prior to playing the engagement out.  Then when it's done, starting on another project.  Thoughts everyone?

I am taking suggestions!!! 


  1. I'm interested in seeing your WW3 micro armor minis so I'm voting for it!

    1. Noted, Ski! One vote for WW3 MicroArmor Battle. I have the T72s and M60s sitting here next to me. We will see how many (if any lol) more votes come in. Right now I am going to round up the MicroArmor for its painting! Thanks for voting/commenting!


  2. I'm a huge fan of DH/Seek Out, Close With and Destroy so I'd like to vote for any of those games. If I had to choose one it'd be #8, WW3 Soviets vs. Brits.

  3. Thanks, Chuck! Okay so that's 2 votes received - one for DH/SOCWAD and one for Microarmor - both, however, are WWIII scenarios. It's a good start.

  4. A vote here for WW3. It would be interesting to see if you could use the MechWar 77 boardgame to generate some table top scenarios.

    1. You got it, Mike. That's 2 votes for Cold War Hot Battle. I have all of the Armor ready anyways now for it. Chuck voted for a Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy Cold War Hot Scenario so I'll most likely play that immediately after the Obergeis Battle (which I've been preparing for the last few days).

      Chuck's battle will be Soviet Air Assault against Hameln in Ralph Peters' "Red Army." I am already starting to paint troop up for that!

    2. That's a pretty good suggestion, Mike. See where the units line up in the board game - then game the actual battle on the tabletop.