Sunday, February 3, 2013

Terrorist Insurgent A**holes...

Well I know I posted the first part of these guys almost a year or two ago so here they are again, along with part 1 of their new additions.  I painted the skin more brown this time so they can also act as East Africans if the mood strikes me or I'm playing a Somalia, 1993 game.

I now have enough to "bad guys" to play game one of the Operation Enduring Freedom game where an ODA along with some Eastern Alliance fighters defends a village against a Taliban counter attack (just need to finish the ODA guys...)

I have about 2 more popsicle sticks full of bad guys to finish that are "actual" Somalians and will fit nicely into my hardcore terrorist cadre.

Anyone have any ideas for SOAR pilots?  Some of the scenarios in the book have a downed aircrew with them defending their position.  Should be fun!
Team Brazil....

Terrorist Insurgents....rallying in front of the pack and play

insurgent fireteam!

open fire!!!

this guy has already been in many, many blog posts.

another of my "usual suspects"

colorful soccer jerseys with camoflauge pants

The cell leader or warlord - with his Australian camo pants.

Insurgent warband

I was going to paint this guy up as an Iraqi Policeman.  I still have more.

Somalian ready for battle.

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