Saturday, February 2, 2013

US Army Ranger Squad #2 - Mogadishu, 1993

US Army 2nd Squad of my Mogadishu, "Blackhawk Down" Ranger platoon.  These are about all of the Rangers I'm going to paint for now as they will make a nice-sized force to go up against my hordes of insurgents.  (of which I have about 30 in the horde now).

I will have to make some buildings to fight around but for the most part I think I'm ready for some "Day of the Rangers" action using Seek Out, Close With, and Destroy, the modern Disposable Heroes supplement.

Fireteam rallies on the rubble pile

the chocolate chip turned out nicely again.

SAW gunner with some debris on him

Fighting through to the downed blackhawk helicopter

picking out targets, one by one

fireteam moving forward.

dont mess with these guys..


  1. Great work. You've really brought them to life.

    1. Thanks, Nick - the figures from the Caesar sets are great.

  2. Good work!
    The camo looks very nice. These are one of my favorite sets as I'm sure you know.
    I look forward to seeing the insurgents. Which set do you plan to use for them?

    1. Thanks, Ben. I will be using both of Caesar's "Bad Guys" kits, the modern urban resistors and the Asian and Somali insurgent types. AKA "terrorist a**holes" :)

      I got the Somalis in the other day. Can't wait to start painting them up!